2020 Ringer Tournament Results
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Ringer Tournament


January 21, 28, February 4, 11

Who:   Everyone can play. Prizes awarded to eligible players. 

What:   Must have a PWGC handicap to be eligible for prizes.

            Post score for each hole for each week of play. Low net aggregate score of each hole determines the winners. Prizes in each of the 3 flights. (A,B,C)             Why:    Celebrate our really fine players and meet members you might not know yet. Join us for general meeting and awards the last day.                

Questions:  Ask Kim Bader and Ping Chan



Group A   Group B Group C
1st J. Francis P. Summers L. Cunningham
2nd A. Rimer S. Bleecher M. Von Aspe
3rd T. Ricard C. Quinn D. Murphy
4th M. MacGilivray A. Shapiro P. Thomason
5th N. Richards G. Cho S. Klein






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