Qualifying New Members
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Admission of new members is open all year. Applications may be obtained from the Membership Chairperson. The Membership Chairperson will procure the tee time for the new member’s first round.  The first round will be played with the Membership Chairperson or a designated member of the board.

At least five Penmar scorecards are required. Four of five games must be played on Tuesday play days. Additional scorecards from Penmar may also be submitted, as they will assist in computing a handicap. Once a temporary handicap is determined the member is eligible to participate in the Game of the Day and tournaments, excluding the Club Championship which has additional eligibility requirements.

All scorecards must be dated and signed by the applicant and accompanying player and submitted to the Membership Chairperson along with the appropriate fees. New members pay prorated dues.   All members receive a membership roster. New members also receive a personalized bag tag.