Reservations, Check-In and Cancellations
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To make reservations for Tuesday play, sign the Reservation Sheet two weeks in advance. If you did not sign in at Penmar, you may call the Reservations Chairperson: BETTY BRIX ( to request a tee time (subject to availability). Available openings on the morning of play may be obtained by coming to the course in person. To compete in Sweeps, players must tee off during the time assigned to the Club.

NOTE: Tee times are pre­assigned for the Championship Tournament competitors and a few special events. A separate sign­up sheet with pertinent information will be available in the clubroom.


Report to the Starter’s window and pay greens fee at least twenty minutes before your tee­off time. Check off your name on that day’s Reservation Sheet. If a player has not checked in with the Starter on time, the Starter may fill in the foursome with standbys. The starter may alter foursomes with the consent of the players.


PWGC is responsible for our block of time every Tuesday. If frequent cancellations become a problem, it may be necessary to assess fines for reserved time not used.  To avoid the assessment of fines, cancellations should be called in to the Reservation Chairperson so that slot will be available to other members.  In an emergency on the day of play, please call the starter to cancel.

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