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RULES: USGA Rules of Play, Penmar local rules, golf etiquette and special rules for PWGC apply to play on regular Tuesdays. The Rules Committee or Special Tournament Committees will supply any other rules pertaining to a particular event.



1.      When putting from off the green with a putter, and a sprinkler head is in direct line with your putt, you can move the ball either to the left or right to avoid the sprinkler, but the ball cannot be moved closer to the hole.


2.      Pick up your ball after 12 strokes. 


3.      When the next tee box is vacant, the first two players to complete putting will move to the next hole and begin play.


4.      Mark all balls on the green as quickly as possible.  Once a player has made a lag putt, she may request permission to hole out.  Once the last player has finished putting the second to last picks up the flagstick and replaces it in the hole.



To be eligible to compete for prizes in the Club Championship Tournament, a member must have posted 12 regular Tuesday scores starting with the Tuesday following the end of the previous Championship and completed by the beginning of the next Championship Tournament.  


HANDICAPS: A handicap must be established to compete in Tuesday GAME OF THE DAY play and all Club tournaments. A handicap can be figured after a minimum of five scores have been recorded; however it is considered “temporary” until 20 scores have been recorded. In order to maintain a true handicap all Penmar scores should be posted.

An out­dated handicap is not fair to the player or the other club members. A handicap is considered current if at least 5 Penmar scores have been posted during the current calendar year. At the end of each calendar year the handicap cards of all Regular Members will be reviewed for currency. If fewer than 5 scores have been posted, that member’s handicap will be set to zero (0). After that, when at least 5 scores have been posted, an updated handicap will be computed.


GAME OF THE DAY: A yearly calendar for the Game of the Day and special competitions  is posted.  Weekly Prize money for each Game of the Day is reported monthly and paid at the end of the year.  Prize money is appropriated for each of 3 flights.  All members who have a  handicap are eligible to participate.

 Each week the scorecards must be dated, signed and attested by each player, then given to the Scorecard Verification team. The Scorecard Verification team will check the scores of those in contention for prizes. If a scorecard is entered with an error, the player is not eligible for competition prizes that day.

Each player is responsible for posting her own score on her handicap card and to the Game of the Day sheet for her flight.


BIRDIES AND CHIP-INS: Record any birdies and chip-ins on your personal page in the labeled green binder, noting the date including the year and the hole.

PRIZE MONEY FOR EVENTS: A, B, C  Flights will be paid regardless if you attend the meetings or not.  Golfers must be present at award meetings to win extra events, i.e. Closest to the Pin or Longest Drive.