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Last Updated: 06/08/15

What’s new with Los Angeles City Golf?

Over the years LA City golf has had its ups and downs.  For the past several years it’s been down. We’ve had fees increased while enduring pro shop closures and course marshalling discontinued.

After years of listening to our complaints and recommendations from the Golf Advisory Committee, they are finally doing something about it. A couple years ago the LA City initiated a search for a consultant to give recommendations for the future of LA Golf. This program is known as the Golf Business Analysis Section or GBAS. Right now Global Golf Advisors are doing research to determine what’s working and what’s not.

As your GAC Representative,  I meet monthly with the people in charge of LA City Golf. If you have any questions or concerns regarding LA City Golf that you would like to be addressed please let me know. However, even if things are brought to the board in a timely manner, it doesn’t mean a timely solution will occur. I’ll do the best I can.

David Hawks

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