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Coming up:
November 19 : Encinitas Cup FINALS
November 26 : Eenie-Meenie
Dec 3 : Holiday Balls & Luncheon/General Meeting
Dec 10 : Alibi

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Pace Of Play Tips- 5 easy steps

Be considerate and play without delay!

Keep up with the group ahead of you.

After putting out, proceed to the next tee and record the scores.

Minimize your time on the tee.

Save your conversation for between shots.

Play Ready Golf

Pay close attention to when it’s your turn to hit, take no longer than 20 seconds from the beginning of your pre-shot routine to striking the ball. 
Take no more than one practice swing.

Cart and Club Management

Cooperation between cart partners is helpful. Park strategically; perhaps walk to your ball with a couple of clubs and get ready to hit.

Continuous Putting is a MUST!

Mark your ball, lift and clean when you arrive at the green, so you are ready to putt when it’s your turn. ALWAYS putt out after your first putt-do not mark twice.

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JC Golf Policy - Rate Notice Reminder:
You must be a resident of Encinitas or a current JC Player to
pay the Ladies' Club rate of $50/riding, $44/walking.
(One-time exception is made for first-time guests)
JC Guest Rate of $62 will otherwise apply.

Pace of Play Pledge
We ask that all groups commit to
the following pace-of-play standards: 

Tee Times:
Before 8am – 4 Hours or less
8am – 9am – 4 hours, 15 minutes or less
After 9am – 4 hours, 30 minutes or less 

Always submit complete and accurate scorecards!