Standing Rules
Last Updated: 03/15/12


SWEEPS FEES  - A yearly sweeps fee of $16.00 will be due and payable each year. Any member not wishing to pay the sweeps fee is still entitled to play with the club but forfeits her right to win in sweeps or participate in any major or special tournaments, or any monthly trophies.

MAJOR OR SPECIAL TOURNAMENTS, MONTHLY TROPHIES  -  A member wishing to participate in the Club’s major tournaments, monthly trophy tournaments, shall have paid her sweeps fee and additional trophy fee or green fee which is required.

    For Major or Special Tournaments where players pay their own green fees, all players are liable for said green fees.

    Entry fees for the President’s Cup and the Club Championship are due no later than ten days before the start of the tournament.

WINS  - Sweeps stakes wins will be recorded in a permanent wins book, which will be kept available for inspection by members. A member may request a check from the Treasurer at any time during the year, for part or all of her recorded wins.

    A Low Net Award will be given to winner of each month. In case of a tie for Low Net of the Month, all tied will be given an award. The Monthly Low Net Winners of the year shall play off for the Richard Arlen Perpetual Trophy. Current handicaps shall be used in this playoff on Balboa in January.

    To be eligible for the “Most Improved Golfer of the Year” award, the winner must be in sweeps November to October and play in a minimum of 50% of club play games excluding our two major tournaments and the Eclectic tournament.

     36 is the maximum handicap for all competitive events except Weekly Sweeps, the Low Net Championship and the Lory Oberg Tournament, which allows 40.4 maximum index. (Sepulveda Club Rule)

RE-INSTATEMENT  -  A delinquent fee of $1.00 per month through the first six months of the year. After the six months, the FULL amount of the initiation fee must be paid. Dues must also be paid at this time.

ELIGIBILITY RULE  -  In order to enter the President’s Cup Tournament, a member must be in good standing and in Sweeps and have an established handicap by qualifying day. To be eligible for the Club Championship Tournament, a member must be a full dues paying member and play in 6 games in Sweeps in the six months prior to the tournament deadline pay date.

BEST BALL FOURSOME  - In Best Ball foursomes, if a partnership has less than 4 players, then there will be a blind draw to round out the foursome. (see Tournament Chairperson).

PARTNER’S BEST BALL  - Blind draw permitted. 100% of handicap strokes allowed..

 POSTING SCORES  - Every member is required to enter on computer all scores played on 18 hole regulation courses on day played. Please enter on computer at course played.

ALTERATION OF CARD  -  No alteration may be made on a scorecard after the competitor has returned it to the committee.

SLOPE SYSTEM  - All handicaps are based on this system.

UNDUE DELAY (SLOW-PLAY) – Players must play without undue delay and in accordance with the following pace of play guidelines:  A group will be considered out of position if it a) reaches the tee of a Par 3 hole and the group in front has cleared the next tee; b) reaches the tee of a Par 4 and the putting green is clear; c) reaches the teeing ground of a par 5 hole when the group in front is within 100 yards of the putting green.  If any of these occur, a group must play efficiently and return to its position on the course.  Player(s) who fail to return to its position must pick up her ball at maximum strokes and take a loss of hole and/or loss of game if applicable.  Hole should be marked with an 'X' before the number of strokes (example: x9) on the scorecards to denote pick-up.  This "pick-up" rule is applicable to all events except the Club Championship and the President's Cup, in which case the penalty for slow play is 2 strokes penalty for the 4-some.   


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