Presidents Message
Last Updated: 02/03/14

Mary Rood - SWGC President 2014


Little did I know that after my two years as vice-president and handicap
chair, I would be told that the presidency is next..."It's a natural progression"  they said.  So, after some friendly persuasion, here I am.....Your leader for 2014.  We have a small but delightful club....actually an amazing, multifaceted group of ladies.  Which is exactly why I get myself out of the house and geared up for golf by 7:00 on Tuesday mornings.  I am hopeful that all of you will continue to do the same.  We have gained several wonderful new members but we could always use more.  Please spread the word.  May this new year bring us all good health and great golf....(If Mary Rood can get an eagle on a par 4, anything is possible!!)

                                                                                                                 __  MARY ROOD