Secretary Message (Minutes)
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Sepulveda Women’s Golf Club

Board Meeting

March 4, 2014

1.The meeting was called to order @ 1:30pm by our President, Mary Rood.
A. It was stated by our President that there will be NO CONVERSATION OR BACKGROUND NOISE during the meetings. To be recognized, you must raise your hand. This is necessary to allow everyone their say and avoid confusion.
B. The Reading of the Minutes . A motion brought up by 1st by Cindy Schwinn and 2nd by Angela Stewart to dispense with the reading of the Minutes of our last meeting was passed.
C. Treasurer’s Report - Angela Stewart, our Treasurer, stated that  there were no expenses this month and her report will be attached .

2. New Business

A. Team Play - Terri O’Connell, our Team Play chairperson, reported that team play 3/3/14 was a nice day but we did not win.
B. New Members - Terri also stated that our new member Evi Marx declined our club membership. We do have three other applicants Linda Abuse, Rita Davis and Shawn Darik. Terri will contact them asap.
C. Spring Tourney - Anne Matthews stated for the Tourney we will go by the March 1 handicaps and once again the Entry fee is $15. Please submit that to Anne or Roz prior to the day of play. Anne has handed out an information sheet on the rules and any questions one might have regarding this tournament. Play will be on March 11 and March 18 with the luncheon following play on the 18th. Starting times will be emailed to all players prior to the day of play. She will also mix up the foursomes to make play a little more interesting. All full members are allowed to come to the luncheon even if they do not play in the Tourney. Associate members and guests must pay $15. Looking forward to a fun day.
D. Carts- It was brought to our attention by Cindy Schwinn to avoid slow play it is necessary to be conscious of the club you will be choosing for  your next play on the way to the ball and to play ready golf. Also do not park your cart in front of the green.
E. Web Site - Noreen Greco has brought to our attention that Rick Lang has notified us that our website will no longer be free. There will be a charge of $199 yearly for this service or $150 if we pay by credit card or free if we obtain advertising. A raise of hands showed that only 2 people really visit the web site.  Face Book and other social medias were discussed as an option. Discussion to be continued. Until the internet reception at Sepulveda is  resolved Mary Rood will post ALL scores from our club play and scores obtained at other courses each person is responsible to post at the Gin site.
F. Tournament Results - Anne Matthews reported the winners of todays tournament were as follows:
1st place - Stern, Baur, Steward
Schwin, Matthews, Lotterman
2nd place - Chapin, Outlaw, Hazama, Sato
Greco, Rood, Malmsten

Our next meeting will be April 1, 2014
The meeting was adjourned at 2:10

Minutes by Secretary Marilyn McMahon

Thank you,