Posting Changes for 2018
Last Updated: 03/10/18

Posting Changes for 2018


Starting 1/1/18 you will be required to post all postable rounds within a 48 hour period or be subject to a penalty score issued by the Handicap committee.

Penalty Score: The lowest score in your most recent 20 scores.


All Tournament Score Cards must be turned in immediately after your round. Your card must be completely filled out to include:



Scorer Signature

Attest Signature

Gross Score



Score Cards for the Directors, Club Championships and away Tournaments will be given to the person in-charge of the tournament.

All other Tournament Cards (Match Play, Partners Extravaganza) will be deposited in the Men’s Club Card Box in the Pro Shop immediately after the round. Failure to submit a correct score card and post within 48 hrs. will result in disqualification and a penalty score.



Handicap Committee