SCGA Multi-Member Rebate Program
Last Updated: 12/08/17

Multi-Member Rebate Program

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The SCGA is offering a rebate program for golfers who are members of more than one SCGA club. For example, I'm a Member here at Santa Anita, Rancho Duarte and SBPLGC golf clubs. Because I'm a Member at 3 different Golf Clubs, I'll be getting a rebate check for $53. Here's how the "Rebate Program" works . . . . 

For the 2017 membership year, anyone who is a member of the SCGA through more than one club is eligible to receive a rebate directly from the SCGA for any dues they pay the SCGA that exceed $55. The individual must be a multi-member for a minimum of 60 days.

The SCGA charges $36 per member per club. Therefore, the rebate breakdown is as follows:

    ·Members of two clubs? They're eligible to receive $17 back.

    ·Members of three clubs? They're eligible to receive $53 back.

    ·Members of four or more clubs? The rebate check will increase in increments of $36 per club.

Think you're eligible? Click here to apply for your rebate!

All rebate requests will be reconciled monthly AFTER the memberships have been verified for 60 days. The SCGA will review each rebate request individually in order to ensure that all members receive the proper rebate.