2020 Match Play Championship Rules
Last Updated: 10/29/20

General Rules for 2020 Match Play Championship


Sign up deadline is September 12th

Brackets and first round matches posted on September 14th

Play begins September 19th

Rd 1 Matches. . . . No Later than October 4th
Rd 2 Matches. . . . No Later than October 18th
Rd 3 Matches . . .  No Later than November 8th
Rd 4 Matches . . .  No Later than November 22nd
Rd 5 Matches . . . .No Later than Dec 6th
Finals            . . . . No Later than December 20th


1. All Regular Members in good standing that meet the following requirements are eligible to participate.

a. Have an SCGA/USGA established handicap.

b. Must be a member in good standing -Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Board has waived the participation in 3 directors requirement for this event


1. The tournament handicap is based on 100% of your current handicap index.

2. This tournament shall be played with the most current club handicap on the day the match is played.


1. The Match Play event will consist of a single elimination round of match play competition.

2. Players will be grouped into two flights, President and Vice President, based upon indexes. Flight placement will be determined after entry deadline.

3. The lower handicap golfer shall play to “scratch”; the opponent shall receive the respective difference in handicap strokes where they occur on the card.

4. Unless otherwise agreed, ties shall be decided by “sudden death” playoffs beginning at the first hole, strokes taken where they occur on the card.

5. Any disputes or protests must be filed immediately with the Tournament Chairman.

6. All rounds are to be played from the BLUE movable markers.

7. The event will be contested under all USGA rules, except as modified on the back of the scorecard and by our SAGC local rules.

8. The Tournament will be limited to a maximum of 32 players in each flight, total maximum of 64 players.  Sign-ups will end on September 12th, 2020 and pairing brackets will be posted by September 14th, 2020.

9. Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, there will be no hosted club event this year. Players are responsible for arranging their own matches.

Entry Fees & Prize Fund:

1. An entry fee of $20.00 per player in cash or $22 if paid by credit card is being charged for this event and is due by September 12th 2020. Leave cash and checks in an envelope Marked “SAGC” “attention Coulter Winn” and give it to the starter. Inside the envelope be sure to include your name/names of the players and “MP 2020”

2. Entry fees collected will be added to the Prize Fund from the Club treasury. Prize fund will be determined by number of participants.

Player Responsibilities:

Each player must post their score the day of the match. If during the course of play you started, but did not finish a hole, you should take a score equal to what you most likely would have scored had you completed the hole, keeping in mind Equitable Stroke Control for any adjustments.

2. Scorecards are to be properly totaled, dated, signed and attested by both players. Since the Camden Bar is closed, players are to photograph the card and text it to the tournament director the day of the match (see number below)
2. Post all scores as a 
“NON” Tournament round.

3. Once a match is completed, you are not required to finish playing the round. For posting purposes, take “net pars” for any holes NOT played. Remember to adjust your score using Equitable Stroke Control for all holes completed.

4. Failure to post your score will result in disqualification from the tournament.

5. If matches between “week-end” and “week-day” golfers present a problem getting together for a match, should a dispute arise, preference shall be given to the “weekend” golfer. The “week-end” golfer must be available at least two of the weekends.

a. If opponents are unable to agree on arrangements to play the match by the deadline date posted, opponents shall notify the Tournament Chairman to this effect no later than Wednesday prior to the deadline date. The Tournament Chairman will then decide the match by a coin toss.

b. Unless otherwise arranged, opponents shall be required to appear at the Santa Anita Golf Course by 9:00 am on the deadline date. Those opponents not appearing at that time shall be disqualified.

c. Opponents appearing shall give their names to the starter as a twosome and shall await a time, if not prearranged.

d. Should darkness end the match because of a late start before 18 holes are completed, the player ahead at such time shall be declared the winner. Darkness is defined as sunset.

e. If opponents agree to decide the match by coin flip, a nine-hole match, card draw or other such device, they shall notify the Tournament Chairman to that effect as soon as possible.

Remember to have fun…hopefully we can resume the Club hosted event in 2021.


Tournament & Rules Director
Coulter Winn (626) 483-9874

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