SSGC Posting Policy
Last Updated: 02/06/18


SSGC procedures for posting scores:  As per USGA Handicap Manual Section 5-2 “_ _ _ _ posting of scores in person immediately following the round at the course where the round is played is the preferred way to expose scores for peer review. This method of posting must be used whenever possible."
If posting at  the course where the round is played is not possible, then internet posting is acceptable - please post your score as soon as possible.

1. The following eligible SSGC event scores will be posted by tournament directors (not the member):

All monthly tournaments

All away tournaments

All Club League events

Round 1 of the President’s Cup and the Founders’ Cup tournaments. (Subsequent rounds will be posted by the member.)

All MGA rounds.

2. The following eligible scores will be posted by the member: all non-club rounds, e.g., recreational rounds; all subsequent rounds beyond round 1 of the President's Cup and Founders' Cup. 

3. Members shall post their scores using Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) as per USGA Handicap Manual Section 4-3. Posting a score higher than your maximum number can artificially inflate your index.


Prompt, accurate posting will provide for proper peer review.
 Thank you for your
cooperation! If you have any questions or problems regarding posting or incorrect posting, please contact the Club Handicap Director Larry Tash as soon as possible for advice or correcting any mistake.

Larry Tash