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 Maximum of 10 stroke differential between partners (higher handicap player will play down to within 10 strokes of partner’s handicap) 

Use the 1st of the month index for all matches 

The default course is Encino if players can't agree on a golf course 

All ties shall continue on to the first hole of the course (let the starter know) 

Report the results to Steve Skinner (delmar5050@yahoo.com or 818-585-6853) 

I will collect $15 from each player Monday 7/1 in the coffee shop when you check in. 

Play your next match within 30 days of the previous match 

Payoffs will be for the 1st and 2nd place teams:  1st place team will split $340 and 2nd place will split $170 

Any rules questions will be decided by Steve Skinner 

Handicaps shall be determined using the slope of the course being played (not by rounding up or down) 

Men play the white tees, women play the forward tees. Women will get their strokes based on the women’s handicap. 

Good luck