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This is a match play championship where strokes will be based on the lower handicap,



 e.g. a 12 handicap player vs a 16 handicap player. The 16 handicap player will receive 4 strokes,


 1 stroke for each of the 4 lowest handicap holes.



If the match is between a man and a woman and the woman has the higher handicap, then her

strokes will be based on the women's handicap holes. If the the man has the higher handicap, then

his strokes will be based on the men's handicap holes.


Handicaps will be based on the first of the month GHIN index or Club index, whichever is lower

First match will be played on March 25 on the Balboa course from the white tees for men

and forward tees for women.


If the match is tied after 18 holes, ask the starter if you can finish your match starting on the first hole.

If your match ends early (e.g. 3 & 2), the maximum score you can take for the remaining 2 holes is

a net par (e.g. if you get a stroke on 17 (par 3) and none on 18 (par 4), then the max score you can record

for 17 is a  4 and for 18 a 4.


Turn in your results in to Taira Kato after the match. Taira will post all of the first tournament scores.

Players  are responsible for posting their scores in subsequent matches


After the initial tournament, winning players will be reponsible for setting up their next match.

Subsequent matches may be played at other courses as agreed upon by the two players.


Default for courses to play will be either Balboa or Encino.


Please complete your next match in a timely manner:

2nd rd:

by April 30 - sweet sixteen

3rd rd:

by May31 - elite eight

4th rd:

by June 30 - fortunate four

5th rd:

by July 31 - terrific two

Report your results to Taira Kato at 818-704-0843 or "tkkato@sbcglobal.net".

Prize money payout will be for first, second, and 2 third places.

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