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  1. The league will be made up of six teams. Each team shall field 6 players. If a team is short a player (say the team match-up is 5 against 6) the unopposed player, chosen by his/her captain, will receive three points. The unopposed player, in order to win the other three points, must win the majority of holes on each nine and the eighteen using the course handicap. In other words, the unopposed player must beat par to win the hole. If the unopposed player makes net par, that player will halve the hole. If either nine or the eighteen is tied the unopposed player receives half-point. 

2. USGA match play rules shall govern play, modified by local rules and the following rules.

·        Play shall be from white tees for men, and forward tees for ladies. Matches with a woman against a man where there is a difference in handicap: if the woman gets strokes she will take those according to ladies hardest holes on the card, men getting strokes will use the men’s card rating.  

3. Handicapping: The handicap used will be either the first of the month index rounded off or the current club index whichever is lowest. Handicaps are calculated based on first of the month GHIN index. 

Match-ups will be made in accordance with players’ ability as defined by index. No. 1 player should play against the No.1 player, No. 2 player against No.2 player, etc. 

·        Pairings need not be sequential. A no. 1 player may be paired with any other player on his team.  Both captains must agree on any exceptions made. The visiting team captain will set his lineup and provide the home team captain with that list by Wednesday prior to the match. 

4. There will be two individual matches in each foursome. Call them match A and match B. Match A players will tee off first on the front nine and last on the back nine. Both players will play off the handicap of the lowest player. Example: A 14 handicap is playing against a 17. The difference is three strokes. The player with 17 will receive a stroke on the (rated) three most difficult holes. There will also be a partner best net ball team match in each foursome. All players will play off the handicap of the lowest player. Each player will receive strokes on their hardest rated holes. The team with the lowest best net score will win the hole.


5. The individual winner of the front nine will receive two points. The individual winner of the back nine will receive two points. The individual winner of the 18 will receive two points. When either nine or the eighteen are tied each player will receive one point for the tied portion. The total individual points earned by each team are totaled for the match. The team with the most total points will receive two points in the league standings. If a match is tied with total team points each team will receive one point in the league standings. There will also be a partner best ball team score in each match. This will score the same as the individual scoring. Total team score will be totaled for the match and the team with the most total points will receive two points in league standings.  

Each team captain is responsible for collecting the prize fund fees of $10.00 per person from their team and giving that to the league chairman. Each player will pay golf and cart fees at the starters’ window.

·        It is the responsibility of the team captain to post their players’ scores. All scores shall be posted as non-tournament.

·        Players in each foursome may give advice to their teammates.

6. Respective captains should resolve disputes, if at all possible. If the captains cannot achieve an equitable result the Club League director will make the final decision.