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The Sepulveda Seniors’ Golf Club board has been discussing pace of play at the last several meetings. Over the years pace of play has been an issue. With the new golf carts the course manager is able to track each cart and determine who is falling behind. We all want to enjoy each other’s’ company, but we also want to play at a proper pace. We intend to apply the following guidelines in our pace of play policy.

Scorecard: write the time you started on the #1 tee and the time completed the #18 green. This will allow your tournament directors to monitor our pace of play.

Play “ready golf”. It’s not necessary in stroke or match play to wait for another player as long as it is safe and reasonable. Try to select your club and take your practice swings before it’s your turn to play, without disturbing other players. Savings per 18 holes: 5 minutes.

Park your cart, bag or pushcart between the green and the next tee box. Savings per 18 holes: 9 minutes

On the green, place your clubs between the hole and your cart so you can walk directly to the next tee box. If possible, line up your putt while another is putting - as long as you’re not distracting the other player. Once you’ve putted out you should proceed to the next tee box and hit your next shot. Players should putt-out short putts and not mark the ball and have to remark a second time. Savings per 18 holes: 2 minutes

Players from the forward tees should allow the players from the back tees to hit first. Savings per 18 holes: 2 minutes

After you hit your shot, get in the cart and drive to the next shot, then put your clubs in your bag. Savings per 18 holes: 2 minutes

If your riding partner’s ball is within a reasonable walking distance from your ball, he/she should grab a few clubs and walk to their ball rather than wait to drive there. That way both players can select the proper club at the same time. Savings per 18 holes: 5 minutes

After completing your hole, drive to the next tee box before writing your scores. Savings per 18 holes: 4 minutes

Silence your phones and avoid using your phones if it interrupts the pace of play or disturbs other players. 

All time savings listed above are estimates and will vary according to each individual. However, these estimates result in a total savings of 29 minutes. This could reduce our playing time to less than 4 ½ hours. Following these guidelines will greatly improve our pace of play. Currently we complete our rounds in 4 ¾ to 5 hours. We’d like to improve that pace to less than 4 ½ hours.

We realize that everyone in our club walks at a different pace due to injury or old age. However, each of us can maintain a proper pace of play by following these guidelines.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in contributing to an enjoyable day on the course. Remember, we’re out there to have fun and we don’t want to ruin a beautiful day in the park with slow play!

Thank you for your help!

The Board