Constitution & By-Laws
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The name of this organization shall be the Hansen Dam Men's Golf Club.


1. The objectives of the Club are to:

a) Conduct golf activities for members of the Club.

b) Sponsor social activities for the general membership.

c) Cooperate with the Department of Recreation & Parks for the betterment of public golf.

d) Affiliate with such golf associations as shall be to the best interests of the Club and its members.

e) Maintain standard handicaps for all members.

ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIPAny male person over the age of 18 years of age shall be eligible for membership in the Club provided his application is accompanied with the required dues and initiation fees as they are applied to new members.

Section 1: Regular Members;

Section 2: Junior Members;

Section 3: Honorary Members;

1. The members attending a regular Business Meeting.
2. The Board of Directors.

Section 4: Rights of Members;

ARTICLE IV - THE BOARD OF DIRECTORSThe Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the Club, and any appointed Committee Chairmen and the two immediate past Presidents. The Board of Directors shall direct the policy, business and affairs of the Club.

Section 1: Structure of Board;

Section 2: Meetings,

Section 3: Vacancies,

ARTICLE V - OFFICERSThe Officers of the Club shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Home Tournament Director (March 2007), Away Tournament Director (March 2007), Communications Director (originally titled Statistics Director, renamed in 2006), and Publinks/Membership/Handicap Chairman, elected by a simple majority of the general membership attending the November business meeting.

Section 1: Elected Club Officers;

a) Proxy votes for those individuals running for office will be accepted. (December 1996)

Section 2: Duties of Officers;

a) President: The President shall: a) serve as Chief Executive and Administrative Officer of the Club; b) preside at all meetings of the general membership; c) appoint all committees and their chairman; d) if he so chooses, select an auditor to audit the Treasurer’s books each January (said Auditor must submit a written report of his audit in February at the membership general meeting); d) write a monthly report for the newsletter and website.

b) Vice-President: The Vice President shall: a) assume the position of presiding officer at meetings of the Board of Directors or the general membership in the absence of the President; b) countersign checks issued by the Club when the President is unavailable; c) assume the duties of President until the next election of Officers should the President be unable to complete his term of office; d) serve as the Chairman of any Special Tournaments activities held throughout the year including, but not limited to, the George Katska Memorial Match Play Championship and the Municipal Golf Association City Tournament (MGA) and any other tournaments that may arise; e) shall write a monthly report for the newsletter and website.

c) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall: a) handle all monies for the Club; b) keep an itemized accounting of all financial transactions; c) prepare a written financial report for publication in the monthly newsletter and website; d) be responsible for the deposit of all Club funds into a bank that he may select with the approval of the President; e) issue all checks, which may be signed by the President, Tournament Director or himself; f) ensure that checks for payment of Tournaments and or Skins Game Winnings be cashed within 60 days of issuance, as noted on the check or they will become voided and the money returned to the Club Treasury.

d) Secretary: The Secretary shall: a) record the Minutes of the Club and the Board of Directors meetings; b) conduct certain correspondence of the Club and render periodic reports to the Board of Directors as may be required; c) write a monthly report for the newsletter and website.

e) Tournament Directors (Home and Away): The Tournament Director(s) shall: a) be responsible for conducting the regular monthly tournaments of the Club which includes, but shall not be limited to, reserving courses, paying reservation fees, determining the prize fund pay outs (under the constraints of these Articles), obtaining the required prizes and or gift certificates, computing tournament results and making such results available to the membership via the Club's monthly publication and at the Club's monthly business meeting; b) decide if the Club tournaments shall be played using summer or winter rules, as well as to which tees to be played, blue or white; c) shall determine and issue the Club tournament handicaps. Club tournament handicaps are to be established by using the lowest 6 rounds of the last 12 Club tournaments played in; d) shall write a monthly report for the newsletter and website.

f) Communications Director: (Expanded definition of tasks as of 2004): The Communications Director shall: a) edit and publish the Par-Tee Line monthly newsletter via the website and hard copies; b) update the Club website with news, information, and polls on a bi-monthly basis; c) write a monthly report for the monthly newsletter and website; d) update the Club bulletin board on a monthly basis; e) track club championship qualification points for all members; e) track each club member’s progress in the player-of-the-year race; f) track and publish all statistics on the website (with the website host, Rich Lang) and newsletter; g) track all yearly trophies and awards for the year-end banquet and see that all perpetual trophies are updated and engraved; h) assist the Tournament Director(s) by preparing and publishing the yearly tournament schedule; i) update the Club bylaws once per year; j) assist the membership in posting pictures and information on the Club website; k) maintain the Club archives and records including, but not limited to, club history and lifetime winnings and victories database; l) assist the Board of Directors by helping prepare and copy items for the new membership welcome package; m) maintain an attendance list for monthly meetings.

g) Publinks, Membership, and Handicap Chairman: The Publinks, Membership, and Handicap Chairman shall: a) be the primary interface between the PLGA and the Club; b) post and maintain the scoring records of all club members; c) see that all members receive their PLGA cards and new membership welcome packages; d) oversee all membership recruiting efforts; e) ensure that Club members are posting correctly and according to club rules; f) ensure that all membership dues are paid and all members are in good standing.

Section 3: Term of Office;

ARTICLE VI - COMMITTEESThe Club shall have the following standing committees, appointed by the President at the January meeting.

Section 1: Standing Committees;

a) Tournament Committee: Shall assist Tournament Director(s) in conducting the Club tournaments with the main responsibility of coordinating the Club Championship tournament.

b) Publishing Committee: Shall assist the Communications Director with any and all publicity for the Club, including the editing and publishing of any club periodical, bulletin, e-mail, or Club website news and information approved and issued by the Club. (August 2007)

c) Rules Committee: Shall be the final authority in the interpretation of the Rules of Golf as they may apply to any dispute that may arise in a Club Tournament.

d) Membership Committee: Shall assist the Membership Chairman by conducting campaigns to acquire new members, assist the Treasurer in the collection of dues and promote such membership activities as may be directed by the President of the Board of Directors.

Section 2: Other Committees;

Section 3: Creation or Abolishment of a Committee;



Section 1: Quorum;

Section 2: Regular Business Meetings;

Section 3: Mandatory Meeting Agenda;

a) The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee at the September meeting to propose a slate of Officers for the next term of office.

b) The October monthly meeting shall be the annual nominating meeting. Proposal of the Nominating Committee shall be announced and nominations from the Floor will be accepted.

All nominations shall be concluded and closed at this meeting. All nominees must be present to accept, however a letter of acceptance from the nominee to the President of Board of Directors will be recognized if absences is due to unusual circumstances.

c) The election of Officers will take place at the November monthly meeting. All nominees must be present to be elected, however a letter of acceptance from the nominee to the President or the Board of Directors will be recognized if absences is due to unusual circumstances.

d) Installation of new Officers will take place after reports have been given by the outgoing Administration at the January monthly meeting.

Section 4: Meeting Notification;

Section 5: Parliamentary Procedure;

Section 6: Election Procedures;

a) As soon as possible after nominations are closed, all members will receive a ballot listing the candidates. The ballot may included biographical information as deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Ballots shall be designed so that the voter’s identity will remain confidential.

b) Members unable to attend the October monthly meeting may mail their absentee ballot to the Club's regular mailing address.

c) Only those ballots received by the morning of the October monthly meeting shall be valid.

d) Members attending the October  monthly meeting and wishing to vote at the meeting must bring their original ballot with them. No ballots will be distributed at the Election meeting.

e) All valid absentee ballots are to remain sealed and only opened by the Election Committee at the October monthly meeting.

f) This election requires a 2/3-majority vote to be ratified.

ARTICLE VIII - IMPEACHMENT OF OFFICERS AND DIRECTORSNo elected Officer of the Club or member of the Board of Directors shall be impeached or removed from office until a full and complete hearing has been made by the Board of Directors. The Officer or Board member and the general membership of the Club shall be given no less than ten (10) days written notice of the intention to impeach and remove from office the said Officer or Director. Such notice shall be made by registered mail.

Section 1: Procedure;

Section 2: Voting Requirements to Impeach;


Section 1: Just Cause;

Section 2: Right of Hearing;

Section 3: Procedure;



Section 1: Proposed Amendments;

Section 2: Adoption of Amendments;



Date of adoption if other than Constitution ratification is indicated in brackets.

(Note) The Club's Bylaws differ from the Constitution in that they may be amended or revoked by simple majority vote of the members attending any regular monthly business meeting and no prior notice is required to modify any of the standing rules outlined herein.

Section I - Non-Profit Organization

This Club is hereby declared to be organized for purposes other than pecuniary profit and does not and shall not contemplate the distribution of gains, profits or dividends to its members or Officers.

Section II - Finances

a) The Board of Directors shall have no power to authorize, approve or ratify, nor shall the President or any other representative of the Club have any power to enter into any obligation involving payment or expenditures of any money or funds in excess of the cash balance in the Club Treasury at the time of the action.

b) Any check whose value is greater then $250.00 requires two signatures. (December 1994)

Section III - Dues

Part 1: Establishment of Yearly Dues.

a) The annual membership dues shall be set and established by the Board of Directors.

Part 2: Initiation Fees.

a) An initiation fee will be required of all new members. The Board of Directors will determine such a fee.

Part 3: Payment of Dues.

a) Dues will be payable on such a date as selected by the Board of Directors to coincide with fees the Club may be required to pay to Public Links Golf Association of Southern California or other similar association (s).

Part 4: Delinquency.

Members who do not renew their membership and pay their dues by the date set forth by the Board of Directors may be subject to penalties in the form of loss of handicap, payment of initiation fees and/or loss of eligibility to participate in Club tournaments

Section IV - Tournaments

Part 1: Regular Monthly Tournaments.

a) The Tournament Year shall be from October 1st through September 30th.

b) Prizes are awarded to the top-three places per flight. (November 2004) Prize money for a Hole-in-One shall be $50.00, Double Eagles $50.00, Eagles $10.00 and Birdies .50 cents (March 1981 / April 1999)

c) The Club Pro has an open Invitation to participate in any Club tournament. (June 1982)

d) During a calendar year, the prize fund for Club tournaments cannot be increased by more than one dollar ($1.00) without the approval of the membership. (January 1982)

e) Entry forms for Club tournaments must be received by the cut-off date published in the monthly Club publication and on the Club website. Tournament entry fees must be post marked no later than the Friday of the Tournament. Members who have signed up and not paid their tournament fees by the cut-off date may be dropped from the field if other members submit both entry forms and fees in the prescribed time period. (January 1981)

f) Home Tournaments must be played from the Blue markers. Members must play with at least one other club member in the foursome.

g) Players 60+ years-old can play from White markers in any tournament. Their handicap will be adjusted and they will remain in their own flight. (March 2006)

h) Slow Play. If a foursome is 15 minutes behind the foursome ahead of them at anytime on the course, a warning by a Director, Rules Committee Member, or the Course Marshall can be given. If at the completion of 18 holes the foursome is still 15 minutes behind and the player or players responsible cannot be identified the entire foursome will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty. However, after discussion with the players involved and the foursome in front and behind the players in question, the Directors and Rules Committee Members may assess a 2-stroke penalty to only the player or players deemed for slow play. (February 1993)

i) Use of Publinks Handicap in place of Club Tournament Handicap. Members who are inactive in tournament play yet still regularly play and develop substantially lower Publinks Handicap than their Club Tournament Handicap will be reviewed by the Tournament Chairman and Handicap Chairman. If it is determined that an unfair advantage exists the member will compete at his lowest handicap index, Publinks or Club Tournament. (February 1993)

j) Tees played will be determined by the yardage from the Blue tees for all flights other than ‘A’ which will always play the Blue’s. If the yardage from the Blue’s is greater than 6500 yards play will be from the White tees else play will be from the Blue’s. (January 1996 / May 1999). See g) regarding players 60+ years-old.

k) ‘A’ / ‘B’ flights will ALWAYS play the BLUE tees, ‘C’ / ‘D’ / ‘E’ will play WHITE tees. (September 2000)

l) The Russ Fields tournament is a Major. (July 1997)

m) Tournament director will schedule no more than 18 tournaments per year. (May 1998)

n) Assignment of tee times will be based on the order in which the tournament director received the fees for the tournament (first paid first off). (July 1999)

o) USGA-approved yardage measuring devices may be used in Club tournaments. (February 2006)

Part 2: George Katska Memorial Match-Play Championship.

a) The Match Play tournament shall be contested at the lowest handicap of the three months preceding the actual date of a given match. (February 1982)

b) Contestants will play to their PLGA index. Scores from the matches will not be entered into club handicap system. (October 2000 / May 2001)

c) The highest allowable differential in handicaps between any two participants in any round of the tournament shall be 18 (February 1983)

d) Pairings shall be established following the guidelines set fourth in the appendix of the Rules of Golf and any bye required to complete a bracket will be awarded on a
low-to-high handicap basis. (February 1980)

e) The semi and final rounds must be played at Hansen Dam. All other rounds may be played at any course the players agree upon. (March 1995)

Part 3: The Club Championship.

a) The Club Championship is a member’s only tournament. No guest may participate. (November 1978)

b) To qualify as Club Champion or Championship Flight Winner a member must have met these qualifications: (July 2006) a minimum of four Club tournaments and two Club meetings are required to qualify for the club championship.  The Board strongly recommends meeting attendance.  However, if your schedule does not permit you to attend meetings, you can qualify by playing an additional club tournament (five club tournaments) or playing in a MGA team match, which also counts as a club tournament (October 2007).  Any player who paid for a rained out or cancelled tournament will receive credit for that tournament in the Club Championship qualification process. (April 1995)

c) Any member who does not meet the qualifications set forth above may request a review by the Board of Directors. If in the opinion of the Board unusual circumstances prevented a member from participating in the required number of events, the Board may elect to waive the above rule.

d) A Club sanction Tournament shall include all regular monthly tournaments, George Katska Memorial Match-Play Championship (each match played), MGA teammatch, and any other tournament so designated by the Board of Directors. Tournaments not included are Publinks Association Day, Publinks Tournaments. (September 1992, October 2007)

Part 4: Champion of Champions Tournament.

a) The Club shall pay the entry fee for the Club Champion and the Flight winners to participate in the Champion of Champions Tournament conducted by P.L.G.A.
(December 1989)

b) Player must pay the entire entry fee for the Champion of Champions. He will have a full entry fee credit if he plays in the tournament. (February 2000)

c) If there are ties for first place in any of the flights all players are eligible for the Champion of Champions as long as the losers pay their entry fees. The Club Champion is guaranteed a spot; all others are on space available. (December 1994)

Part 5: Winter Rules.

The correct procedure for moving a ball during any Club tournament where Winter Rules are in force shall be to move the ball by hand, a distance not to exceed the space between the thumb and middle finger. The ball may be cleaned and placed. (February 1983)

Part 6: Inter-Club Team Play (MGA).

The Vice-President, who shall serve as Team captain and the reigning Club Champion automatically qualify for the Team. The balance of the Team shall be selected by any method deemed appropriate by the Team Captain. (September 1985)

Sections V - Miscellaneous

Part 1: Awards.

Members are required to play in two thirds (66%) of the Club Tournaments in order to receive any statistical award or awards to be handed out at the Club Banquet.

Part 2: Compensation

a) The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Communications Director, and Handicap Chairman are to be compensated at the rate of $25.00 each per month. (January 1994, November 1997)

b) Tournament Director(s) to be compensated at the rate of $50 each month. (February 2002)

Part 3: Trophy Case

a) The "Broken Tee Golf Club" trophy will be displayed in our trophy case. They will compensate our club 25% of the cost of the trophy case. (May 1994)

b) The Hansen Dam Junior Golf Trophy will be displayed in our case. (October 1994)

Part 4: Privatization

Part 5: Hole in One Fund

a) At each tournament we will collect a separate $1.00 fee for a Hole in One fund. When a player gets a Hole in One he will receive half of the pot. (November 1997).

b) Mini-tournament aces do not cash the hole-in-one pot. (August 2005)

Part 6: Summer Mini Tournaments

A player must be present at the monthly meeting to accept his winnings from the mini tournament. (September 1998)  Monthly tournaments will be held at the board's discretion. 

Part 7: Tournament Eligibility

a) A new member must have played in three (3) tournaments with the club before being eligible to receive ‘points’ in the Pro Shop. (December 1997)

b) The three (3) tournament rule is not in effect if the new member has five (5) tournaments posted with either PLGA or SCGA. (October 1999)

Part 8: Junior Golf Fund

At each tournament a collection will be made by Dennie McDaniel and Paul Andrews for a Junior Golf Fund. (September 2000)

Part 9: Tournament Skins Game

The skins game is limited to only club members; guests are NOT allowed to participate. (February 2002)

Part 10: Posting

a) Should a player be caught not posting a score and evidence of such an infraction is obtained, the penalty is to post a score that equals that player’s lowest tournament score of the year. (October 2003)

b) Players are permitted to post their scores online through the PLGA’s website— (April 2007)

Part 11: Club Website

a) The club will have web page built by club member Rich Lang at a cost of $2000 with a monthly server cost of $40. (August 2002).

b) The club’s domain is

c) It is the responsibility of the Club’s Communications to update the website on a timely basis.

Originally adopted: May 1977
Last Amendment: November 2007

a) Hansen Dam Men’s Club will draft a letter supporting the MGA’s stand against privatization. (July 1994)

This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of the members present and voting at any general meeting of the membership, provided that notice of such amendment proceedings has appeared in the preceding issue of the Club's monthly publication. Or by written notice mailed to each member at least five days prior to the meeting.
All proposed amendments to this Constitution must first be presented in written form to the Board of Directors and is subject to review before being presented to the membership for acceptance. Should differing viewpoints exist on the Board of Directors a simple majority vote of the Board members in attendance and voting shall be sufficient to allow presentation to the general membership.
Upon recommendation by the Board of Directors, written notice of at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which time expulsion will be considered shall be given to any member proposed for expulsion. Such notice shall be made by registered mail. A majority vote of the membership present and voting at said meeting shall be necessary to expel the member.
No member shall be expelled, except at a meeting of the general membership and only after the Board of Directors has made a full and complete hearing. The Board of Directors shall contact the member in question so that all sides have adequate time to present their case to the Board.
No member shall be expelled, except for failure to comply with the Club's Constitution and Bylaws, or conduct bringing discredit to the Club, its members or the game of golf.
A 2/3's vote of all members present and voting at such a meeting where impeachment proceeding have been brought before the membership shall be required for the purpose of removing an Officer from his position or a Board Member from his seat on the Board of Directors.
The election procedures will be as follows.
Roberts Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for the conduct of business of the Club, subject to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Club.

All members of the Club shall be notified of all regular or special meetings of the Club by means of the regular mailing of the Club's monthly publication, via mail, e-mail, or via the front page of the Club website.
The following items must be included in the agenda of the meetings in the referenced months.
A regular business meeting of the Club shall be held monthly by the Board of Directors. Currently, these meetings take place on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.
A quorum of the Board of Directors shall consist of four of its members. At meeting of the general membership a quorum shall consist of 10% of the Club's membership.
No standing committee mentioned in these Articles may be abolished and no new standing committee created without an amendment to this Constitution. Temporary or special committees may only be appointed by the President and shall be automatically abolished once their specific assignment has been completed.
Any and all other Committees are Special Committees which may from time to time be required to carry out the policies of the Board of Directors or to aid the Officers in the administration of the business and affairs of the Club.
The officers of the Club shall be elected for a period of one year and may be re-elected for an additional one year term without limitations. Officers shall assume their responsibilities at the January meeting and will serve until the following January meeting.
The responsibilities of the elected Officers of the Club are as follows.
Any vacancy, which may occur on the Board of Directors, shall be filled by a member appointed by the President. That appointed member should serve until the next election of Officers.
The Board of Directors shall meet subject to the call of the President, or at the call of no less than one-third of the members of the Board.
Only those members in good standing may participate in club activities or cast votes on business before the club.
Honorary Membership in the Club will be available to former Regular or Junior Members who are not able to participate in the Club's tournaments. An Honorary Member may attend any Club social function at his own expense, may attend and voice opinions at Business Meetings and receive copies of the Club publication. Entry in Club tournaments may only be played in a guest capacity. This is a non-voting member classification and may only be extended to an individual through a majority vote by either:
Those applicants between the ages of 14 and 18 years of age shall be eligible for membership provided they are sponsored by a Regular Members.
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