Hole in One Registry
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Official Hole in One Registry:  

Payouts Guidline are:  if you are in the Foursome, Group or Tournament. Benjy per person
Contact Victor Garza if you would like to added to List.

  1. Victor Garza
  2. Abel Gonzalez
  3. Albert Gonzalez
  4. Jose Chavez
  5. Danny Garcia
  6. Mike Gilbrecht
  7. Henry Marquez
  8. Art Delgadillo
  9. Fred Wesson
  10. Sam Garcia
  11. Javier Barrera
  12. Pancho Valenzuela
  13. Louie Rivera
  14. Tim Sowers
  15. Tony Gallegos
  16. David Ortiz
  17. Kevin Sowers
  18. Albert Romero
  19. Lou Rivera 

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