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"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life"


Notice:  Be sure to check NEW 2019 Tournament Schedule/Events Calendar.  Simply Click "Club Tournaments/Event Schedule"  tab in left column.

Upcoming Deadlines: 
Sierra Lakes Tournament (4/15/19)
Sign Up Deadline, 4/1/19

                                        Goose Creek Toournament (05/20/19)
Sign Up Deadline, 5/6/19

2019 WSGA 65TH ANNUAL GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS: June 27 - 29, 2019
San Diego California (La Costa/Arrowood/Rancho Bernardo Inn)

2019 Tri-Club Classic: December 14th & 15th, Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage, CA

Remember: Purchase Raffle Tickets For 2019 WSGA Annual (See Cardell Kelly)

Upcoming Tournaments
April 15 (Mon)  8:30 AM- Sierra Lakes - 2019
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Sierra Lakes Golf Club
*** Cart Included

Deadline: April 4
Maximum Number of Players: 45
COST: $65.00
Contact: Dewey Clark
May 20 (Mon)  10:00 AM- Goose Creek-2019
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Goose Creek Golf Club
 *** Cart Included.

Deadline: May 9
Maximum Number of Players: 45
COST: $70.00
Contact: Dewey Clark
June 10 (Mon)  8:00 AM- Los Serranos (South)-2019
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Los Serranos (South Course)
 Cart Included.

Deadline: May 31
Maximum Number of Players: 45
COST: $60.00
Contact: Dewey Clark