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Welcome to The Honors 
Golf Club

About Us

The Honors Golf Club is a member of Western States Golf Association (
WSGA), one of the oldest predominately African American golfing organizations in the country -- founded in 1953 to promote and advance the interest of African Americans in the world ofgolf. The Honors was founded by a group of retired and active duty military personnel that were either stationed at Norton Air Force Base in San Bernardino or March Air Force Base in Riverside and joined WSGA in 1990. Presently the club organizes a weekly play, a monthly tournament, an annual club championship, family picnic/fish fry, christmas party and a player's tournament giving away prizes. We have a 501.(c)(3) Junior Golf Program and sponsor junior golfers to the WSGA Junior Championships. We also have a Southern California Golfing Association (SCGA) Affiliate Travel Club. We are looking for members who adhere to the rules of golf and support the USGA handicapping system. As one of the 32 member clubs under WSGA, we participate in the Annual WSGA Tournament.  
If you are interested in playing with us during one of our weekly or monthly outings please contact the Membership Chairman -- Mr. Keith Lee at 
909-838-2316 or email, lee2687@erizon.net

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