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2019 Rules Changes

Congratulations to the 2018 OLMGC  Ventura Cup Team

The Olivas team emerged victorious after a hard faught match with the Buenaventura team.  Earn a spot on the 2019 team, top 8 moneywinners and club champs gross & net guaranteed a spot. Remainder of team chosen by position on moneylist and handicap needs as all players must be evenly matched against opponents.  

Play well and often to contend for a spot.
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The Rules of Golf 2019 

2018 OLMGC Scholarship Winner:    
Luis Posadas. 

 Congratulate Our 2018 Gross Club Champion Doug Mackay




Congratulate Our 2018 Net Club Champion Don Schrader



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Upcoming Tournaments
April 20 (Sat)  7:06 AM- 2-Day Eclectic - Round 1
Sign-up Online
Format: Eclectic  at Olivas Links
Best Ball with your score for 2 days.


Deadline: April 16
Maximum Number of Players: 88
COST: $124.00
Contact: Ron Oldhafer
Click here for Tournament Player List
April 21 (Sun)  7:06 AM- 2-Day Eclectic - Round 2
Format: Eclectic  at Olivas Links
May 11 (Sat)  9:00 AM- La Purisima Away Event
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at La Purisima Golf Course
2-Man Shamble

Price INCLUDES the Cart and Range
Saturday 9:00 am start. 
Limited to 40 spots.  Please indicate partner when you sign up.


Deadline: May 5
Maximum Number of Players: 40
COST: $84.00
Contact: Kenneth Davis
Click here for Tournament Player List
May 19 (Sun)  7:06 AM- Orange Ball
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Olivas Links
Each player plays the team "Orange" ball every 4th hole.

Net score on the team ball is used to determine winning team.

If team ball is lost, team is DQ


Deadline: May 15
Maximum Number of Players: 88
COST: $62.00
Contact: Ron Oldhafer
Click here for Tournament Player List
June 15 (Sat)  7:06 AM- Partner Best Ball Open
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Better Ball  at Olivas Links
 2-Man Teams. Pays low Best Ball Gross and Net scores by flight
Name your partner in signup notes. Max differential is 8 strokes.
Your partner may be a player from another club with a valid GHIN#


Deadline: June 11
Maximum Number of Players: 88
COST: $62.00
Contact: Ron Oldhafer
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