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Ringer Competition 
A Ringer Competition is held twice a year from January through June, and July through December. The field is divided by handicap and there is a $5 fee to enter. 
There is a binder with a sign-up sheet and an envelope for $5 fee in the golf shop.
Put $5 in the envelope and put your name on a sheet.  File the sheet in the binder and enter your baseline scores for your first round.  Record the lowest score obtained for each hole for your following rounds during the Ringer competition period. 
June and December handicaps are used to figure the final scores of the winners.

Congratulations to our
January Encinitas Cup Qualifiers:
Low Gross:  Lisa Kessing 84 (card off)
Low Net:  Carol Scharbarth 63

Mark your calendar - March 6 & 13 - Partner Eclectic

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JC Golf Policy - Rate Notice Reminder:
You must be a resident of Encinitas or a current JC Player to
pay the Ladies' Club rate of $50/riding, $44/walking.
(One-time exception is made for first-time guests)
JC Guest Rate of $62 will otherwise apply.

Pace of Play Pledge
We ask that all groups commit to
the following pace of play standards: 

Tee Times:
Before 8am – 4 Hours or less
8am – 9am – 4 hours, 15 minutes or less
After 9am – 4 hours, 30 minutes or less 

Always submit complete and accurate scorecards!