Griffith Park Golf Club
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We are still experiencing difficulties with the website.
There are two new tourneys in 2019 that are up for sale.
If you'd like to play- follow the link to email us to reserve your spot. 

New Years Super Skins
Friday, January 4th - 8AM (Wilson)
CLICK HERE to sign up!

Leaning Tree Classic
Saturday, January 12th - 8am (Wilson)
CLICK HERE to sign up!

Thanks to all the members and volunteers
for another great year of GPGC.

See you in 2019.
Please renew your membership.
  Invite some friends too.

2019 Schedule

Here is a great list with video explainations of all
the new USGA rule changes beginning 2019.


William Pirtle - no index yet - from L.A.
Brian Mason - 18.3 index - from Northridge
Paul Brunton - 16.9 index - from Scholl Canyon GC
Adrian Huerta - no index yet - from L.A.
Fidis Bortignoni - 5 scores so far - from L.A.
Richard Watson - no index yet - from L.A.
Christopher Kesicbasin - 6.1 index - from Braemar CC


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