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The Bambino
Friday, February 9th
Harding Golf Course
7am start 


Tournament credits from 2017 have been rolled over into 2018.
Check your tournament credits here.

Follow the new Charlie Chaplin Cup Standings.
These points replace the old Barber Cup system and will be used to determine the 24 President's Cup invitees as well as the  50 playoff participants.  The winner of the playoffs is our Player of the Year and has their name added to the Charlie Chaplin Cup on display in the club house.

Is your E-MAIL address correct?
If your player info. has chaged, please go to the Player Page and use the "Update Link" to update your profile.  Then notify Greg Bertens so your SCGA information can be updated.  (SCGA will be sending you a $15 Roger Dunn gift card and other items via email)

Hole-In-One insurance begins new in 2018.  Submit your $5 insurance at any check-in table and you will be entered into the pot for the remainder 2018 GPGC tournament season.


Kyle Seitz - no scores yet - from L.A.
Henry Young - 30.9 index - from Sepulveda Men's GC
Amir Shafii - about a 5 index - from L.A.
Mathew Senna - 7.9 index - from Roger Dunn/L.A.
Chase Bryant - about a 9 index - from L.A
Brett Matthews - 9.3 index - from Burbank Men's GC
Gustavo Sanchez - 7.5 index - from Arcadia


GPGC drops another to Mountain Meadows.
Next match is against Los Verdes at home this Saturday.
Contact Greg Bertens
for team play information.

2018 MGA season begins in March.

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