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Tournament Handicaps

   The Tournament Handicaps have been updated for the Month of May's events, Soule Park in Ojai, Crystalaire in Pearblossum and the May Home Tournament.  

Remember, you need to update the page when you open it.  The Heading should say "Data as of 5/1/2018" in the second title line.
  If it doesn't, click the "Reload" circular arrow in your browser to update the information. 

As always, send Tim Crable an email, if you see something askew.  (In the handicaps, that is) tim.crable@gmail.com  

Simi Cup

Simi Cup will take place next year on Jan 6th, the day after our Hansen Dam away tournament. It will consist of the top 32 players in the standings and the format will be 18 holes of MATCH PLAY with full handicaps being used. This will be a good tune up if you qualify because the next weekend is the first match of team play. More details will come out later. Play well and play often if you want to get in.

Congratulations to
Richard Silagy
2018 President's Cup Winner

2018 Board of Directors


  Board of Directors for 2018.  Following their name and position is a quick summary of their responsibilities.  This should help you if you have a question or issue.

Willie Melancon - President:  Oversees club functions and presides over the membership and Board meetings.  Is the best resource for Golf Genius issues

Tim Crable - Treasurer and SCGA Delegate:  Pays the bills and handles the club's banking. He also is Club's delegate to the SCGA to communicate information from the USGA to us.  Questions or Issues about the Tournament Handicap Program or the Aces Club should go to Tim. 

Herschel Berger - Secretary:  Keeps notes and publishes minutes of all Board meetings.  Also publishes the club's newsletter, 'The Scorecard'.

John Van Diepen - Membership and Handicap Chairman: Responsible for maintaining the club roster.  This includes your membership, renewal and your data that's held in our database.  John also watches over the handicaps and makes any adjustments.  If you think you messed up posting a score, give him a call.

Leo Gravelle - Tournament Chairman;  maintains our schedule of 26 club tournaments, home and away. Negotiates the cost and books the events often a year in advance. He also sets the schedule of Tournament Directors assigned to each event.

Rick Adler - Tournament Director
Mark Gordon - Tournament Director 
Larry Macedo - Tournament Director

These guys run the tournaments.   Our club is known for running tournaments better than many surrounding clubs and it's because of the tournament directors.  They do the sign ups, collect the money, set up the tee times, do the pairings, determine the results, pay out the special events and prizes and deal with the issues of the day.  The other Board members will sometimes volunteer to manage tournaments to help out the club.

To get ahold of any of these guys, go the the Player tab above and open their profile to get their email address.


Team Play

We will be playing next year in a group consisting of
Olivas Links, Santa Barbara and Glen Annie.


Upcoming Tournaments
June 9 (Sat)  8:00 AM- Olivas Links 06/09/18 Individual Flighted
Sign-up Online
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Olivas Links

Deadline: May 26
Maximum Number of Players: 60
COST: $95.00
Contact: Leo Gravelle
Click here for Tournament Player List
June 17 (Sun)  7:33 AM- SCGA 2- Man Qualifying
Sign-up Online
Format: Team Better Ball  at Simi Hills

Deadline: June 9
Maximum Number of Players: 80
COST: $60.00
Contact: Mark Gordon
Click here for Tournament Player List
July 7 (Sat)  8:30 AM- 07/07/18 Brookside #2 Indvidual Flighted
Format: LowGross/LowNet  at Brookside Golf Club (Course #2- E.O. Nay)

Deadline: June 23
Maximum Number of Players: 40
COST: $90.00